Happy Thanksgiving to All!

I just wanted to take the time out to wish each and everyone of you s very Happy Thanksgiving. A time to give thanks fir all we have in our lives. To thank our loved ones for their support and love. To appreciate what we have in our lives and realize that even if things aren’t as good as we had hoped, there is someone worse off than ourselves.

This year was s tough one for me. I lost my Mom after a 3 yr battle with COPD snd metastatic breast cancer in May. I miss her more than I can ever explain as the past few years revolved around her, drs appointments and general care of things for her. She went quickly. Quicker than expected. So while it is sad, I do have so much to be grateful for. And one is for my life and the mother who raised me best she knew how with my living father who is gone 28 yrs. they are together again.

Mom lover to to see what I was crocheting. Loved to see new yarns. And especially proud of me for the compliments I received on my work. She also lived my Celtic stained glass work and always wanted more pieces.

So this thanksgiving, I will take the time to say my prayers and thank the good lord for taking mom without her having pain. To thank my family and customers for their continued support. And pray for a better year all around next year.

So to all all of you out there, following my page, commenting on my creative madness, I thank you! For without you, I would not have the encouragement to Continue making new items and pushing myself.

Happy Thanksgiving one and all!

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