Richmond County Creations prides ourselves in our Custom Harley Davidson Diaper motorcycles. 

These beautiful, large centerpiece size hand crafted beauties, start at 130 and go upwards, depending on what you, the customer, wants on them. We used all Harley authorized merchandise. They include but are not limited to 2 bibs, Fleece Harley blanket, your choice of  in stock baby outfit, Wheels make of diapers, baby wipes, Harley stuffed animal, and much more.


We work closely with our customers to make sure they get exactly what they want. I offer generic ones (Nonharley) for thos non harley people. We hand craft mirrors for the handlebars, run what looks like wiring, battery operated lights including headlight in baby bottle. Child safety proof locks as sissy bars, back rests and or/ highway bars. We include hand grips, foot pegs and so many minor details it will knock your socks off!!


All made from the heart by a biker, for those future bikers to be. Most use these as a centerpiece on their baby showers gift table and we offer many options with it including piggy banks, leather jackets, whatever you can think you would like to see put on this. We are showing pictures of some ofour creations but no two are exactly the same!


We ship these throught the continental US. Our old web site had many responses from those that had ordered these and their opinions and how happy they were with the details and labor put into each one! 


Like I said we start with Harley one at 140 and have gone as high as a fully loaded leather jacket, socs, bibs, outfits (plural) and much more and that was 280.00. But skies the limit here. We work with your budget. 


Shippingis based on the weight when done and just to let you know its a large box these need to be shipped in. Aprox 28"x18"x16". Please feel free to call, shoot and email or chat with us about making your creation! 

Diaper Motorcycles - Harley Davidson